What is a “mobile” law firm?

Law offices can be intimidating.  Meeting where clients are comfortable allows for a more productive and straightforward conversation.  In addition, since attorney meetings often cover personal and sensitive information, meeting where clients are comfortable helps relieve some of the stress of sharing private information.

A mobile law firm, at least at Hough Law, means that I make housecalls.  Instead of requiring clients to travel to a formal office, find parking, and wait until an attorney can meet with them, a mobile practice lets them relax in a place where they are comfortable – perhaps their home, a place near work, or a local coffee shop – and puts the onus of travel on the attorney.

What are the pros and cons of a mobile law practice?


  • Lower overhead means that costs savings can be passed on to clients.
  • Clients don’t have to travel to an office location saving them time and stress.
  • Allows for client meetings to occur when and where they are most convenient for clients.
  • Focuses on client service.
  • Meeting clients in the community or their homes allows them to discuss potentially difficult topics in comfortable and unimposing environments.


  • Some people feel like a lawyer just isn’t a lawyer without a fancy office and a credenza.  There are people who don’t like a mobile practice or who have situations that require a full-fledged law firm approach.   I am happy to provide referrals for people looking for this type of legal approach.

Why open a mobile law practice?

Let’s be honest, with a smartphone and a computer, people can set up shop and do business just about anywhere.  Having a mobile practice allows me to reduce overhead costs and pass those cost savings on to clients.

A mobile practice also allows for a client-centered approach to providing legal services.  Client comfort and each client’s personal story is important to me and meeting clients in their own setting helps put them at ease.  Talking about family details can be uncomfortable, so anything that helps clients share information more freely is a plus.

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