Hough Law offers secure online options for clients to access their own case information and make invoice and retainer payments.  These options are provided for the convenience of our clients, are easy to access, and maintain security to protect your personal information.


Click here to learn more about your CLIENT PORTAL:

For your convenience and security, Hough Law offers an online client portal that gives you access to your critical case information, including documents, messages, appointments, and invoices.  The client portal allows us to share information securely and easily.


Click here to learn more about options for online PAYMENTS:

Hough Law accepts online payments for clients who would like the convenience of using a secure, web based payment system.  Our online payment options provide security for your financial information and an easy to use format for payments.   If you use one of these options, Hough Law does not receive your credit/debit card information once it has been entered, which helps protect your privacy and security.

Please note that online payment methods are for current clients only.  DO NOT make any payments for a consultation fee or before an attorney-client relationship has been established without specific instructions from Hough Law.