Nikki Hough wearing a green scarfBeing a mobile law firm is my unique way of providing client service.  I literally meet people where they are – both in the reality of where we meet and keeping in mind the often difficult and emotional situation that has led them to contact me for legal advice and assistance.  Meeting clients at their homes (or a local coffee shop or a community meeting place) allows me to provide an environment as comfortable as possible for clients, which lets them know right away that I value them and their time.  In addition, since I am fully responsible for all aspects of Hough Law, I have the opportunity to work with clients on a fee structure that is flexible and meets their needs, without charging an arm and a leg.

With over 10 years of legal experience, I have a deep understanding of the critical work that goes into representing and advocating for clients.  Over the years I have worked in a variety of legal settings from non-profit advocacy groups to small general practice firms to large specialized firms and have honed my skills.  From civil rights matters to assisting someone fill out the proper paperwork to file a case on their own, I have taken my experience and poured it into Hough Law.  I pride myself on providing high quality legal services that are tailored to each individual matter while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

My practice focuses on assisting individuals and families with their legal needs, as well as working with other attorneys on a contract basis.  As a solo practitioner, I take full responsibility for each case at Hough Law.  Clients receive my dedicated attention and focus.  As a small firm, I am able to be flexible in customizing my approach to each client and case based on the needs of each situation.  I understand that people often contact lawyers when something has already gone awry or to address a very serious concern.  No matter the situation, I do my best to approach each matter with compassion and curiosity to learn more about people’s lives, what they value, and how to help them find resolutions that are tailored to their own individual and/or family circumstances.

I also value community involvement and engage in a variety of local volunteer and service projects.  When I’m not advocating for clients, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking elaborate meals, reading a good book, and organizing anything and everything.

Professional Memberships and Activities:

  • Oregon State Bar
  • Oregon Women Lawyers
  • Oregon Minority Lawyers Association
  • Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  • Washington County Bar Association
  • Oregon State Bar 2015 Pro Bono Honor Roll
  • The Expert Institute 2016 Best Legal Blog Nominee
  • Washington County Domestic Violence Resource Center, Treasurer
  • City of Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center, Mediator
  • Title IX Civil Rights Investigator
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor