Your Family (Probably) Isn’t That Bad

A number of my clients who have recently ended or are in the process of ending romantic relationships have asked if their relationships are “crazier” than most of the other people I work with.  My answer is almost always no – people wouldn’t believe what lawyers in family law practice hear on a fairly regular basis.  Families and relationships are full of drama and high emotion...
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Traveling As A Solo Attorney

One of the major issues that I have tackled in the past year is how to take a vacation and/or travel out of town without having other attorneys in my office to cover my cases while I am away.  Since I have always worked in firms with multiple attorneys, it has never been a question I have ever spent a great deal of time considering. I have found that with a few easy steps I ...
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Celebrating One Year In Business!

Tomorrow, March 17, 2015, marks the one-year anniversary for Hough Law!  The year has flown by - and what an exhilarating (and sometimes terrifying) ride it has been! In some ways it has been exactly the way I planned it (and planned it and planned it and planned it – I’m very Type A) in my mind and in my business plan, but in other unexpected ways it has curved away from my...
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Guest Post – Hough Law Husband On Marketing

Two people sitting in front of a tree
Hough Law Husband here! As Hough Law is nearing its one-year anniversary next week, Nikki asked me to guest author a blog post. Since my role has been primarily to help with marketing, I thought I’d write about some highlights around what Hough Law has done to market its services and ultimately garner new clients: Get advice. There are many great (and some not-so-great) peop...
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It’s All About Perception

The dress (blue and black or white and gold?)
Unless you've been living under a rock or outside the reach of social media, you have likely heard all about the blue/black vs. white/gold dress debate the past few days.  I initially saw the dress as blue and black – and couldn't imagine how anyone could see it as white and gold – until I went to show Hough Law Husband the picture and it shifted colors before my very eyes! ...
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