10 Reasons To Review And Update Your Estate Plan

Baby and toddler looking at each other
So you are ahead of the majority of Americans and have an estate plan in place – good for you, but don’t rest on your laurels too quickly!  Estate plans should be reviewed every few years to make sure that they are still achieving your goals.  If a major life event occurs and part of your estate plan has changed, they should be updated much sooner. Some important questions t...
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Does An “I Love You” Mean More Electronically Or On Paper?

Heart with "love" written in it
On Valentine’s Day Hough Law Husband and I went to hear Whitman College Professor Michelle Janning present her latest research project, “Love Letters Lost? Gender and the Preservation of Digital and Paper Communication from Romantic Relationships.”  Professor Janning came up with the project concept when she came across a box of handwritten letters she had saved over the years ...
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Storing Your Estate Planning Documents

There are several things to consider when you are storing important documents, such as your will, healthcare directive, and power of attorney.  Most of the issues can be boiled down to a balance between accessibility and security - in other words, how can you make sure the people who need to use your documents can find them when the time comes, but also balance the desire to ke...
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Getting To Why

Let’s do a word association – what are the first five words that come to mind when you think about CONFLICT? Most people tend to think of negative associations like stress, anger, struggle, disagreement, etc.  People often actively try to avoid or ignore conflict in the hopes it will go away on its own. But is conflict always bad or negative?  Conflict often arises in sit...
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