One Simple Step to Start Your Estate Plan

Thinking about crafting an estate plan, or revising one you currently have, can be daunting and overwhelming.  If you aren’t ready to tackle the whole process, there is a simple step you can take on your own that can yield big benefits for your beneficiaries.  All it takes is a little legwork on your end, costs you nothing, and can ensure that the people you want to inherit you...
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The Importance Of Grandparents.

    Last week marked my husband’s paternal grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, which is quite a milestone.  On a sadder note, it also was the week that my final living grandparent passed away. Being officially grandparent-less is quite a shock to the system, especially since three of my grandparents have passed away in the last three years.  A friend ...
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Goodbye 2014 – Hello 2015

Word cloud about marketing terms
With a new year officially rung in, it is often a time of reflection on the year behind us and goal setting for the year ahead of us. There were a lot of lessons learned in the past year, but they can all be boiled down to the simple fact that no matter how much you plan, a new business venture will still find ways to surprise you! Some stats from 2014: Grand Opening –...
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